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Little Bird


the bird that symbolises the free spirit.

These Little Birds, made of ceramics, have a greater potential hidden inside them than one would expect. It cannot completely be excluded that some of these birds suddenly for a split of a second could have taken on the shape of a Little Man … and there is more: they even have to faculty to make you listen better to your inner self. They will be with you in easy times and help you see through difficult periods.

How to make use of these Little Free Spirits
1) Write a message to yourself, make a wish or jot down a question which is difficult to solve.
2) Put the message you have written inside the bird.
3) Hold it in your hands till your Little Bird has taken over your body temperature and concentrate throughout on what you have written.
4) Put the bird in one of your favourite places, making sure it is somewhere in your view 5) Wait and See